Pennsylvania has recently made the news with its decision to permit both its lottery and casinos to go online. It has become the very first state to take such a decision after considering the lucrative opportunities online. The state has a republican-controlled legislature, which is reluctant to go for a broad tax increase. However, it has turned to other alternatives under the democratic governor, Tom Wolf. The state has now thought of expanding its gambling offerings and offer players the newest of the new slots like Secrets of the Phoenix slot.

In the Words of Joe Weinert About Gambling and Lottery Policies

Joe Weinert, the executive vice president of Spectrum Gaming Group, New Jersey-based consultancy recently mentioned in an interview that the lawmakers have put forth a variety of options for gambling expansion. Joe asserted that such options have not been seen anywhere else and are absolutely unique.

When it comes to the new ideas, one such option is to give full permission to the licensed casinos of the state to take control of the online gambling sites. The online casino sites are legal only in New Jersey, Nevada and Delaware. To add on, it was seen that the legislators of Pennsylvania were sure that the new law will pass the amount of $100 million into the operating revenues of state in order to reveal the huge licensing fee being paid by the casinos.

With this, the major concern has been a drop in the state?s lottery after the recession. However, Wolf is all set expand even lottery to online with the gambling. According to the reports of National Conference of State Legislatures, only four states are allowed lottery including Michigan, Kentucky, Illinois and Georgia. It is sure that the state government would need huge help in encouraging lottery and gambling online.

About NJ?s Online Gambling Market and Lottery Policies

New Jersey is the nation known for real traction that took in $18.7 million when it comes to the February sales. According to NCSL, this percentage has gone higher by about 25 and the Michigan lottery has estimated around $60 million in yearly sales. It is true that the stakes are quite higher for Pennsylvania but the state government is suffering a loss of about $3 billion. In addition to this, the state is going to show an increase of 20 percent with Pennsylvanians turning 60 in the next 10 years. This simply means that more stress will be put on funding the programs for the elderly people.

Certainly, the only aim of these casinos is to earn more and more profit by alluring players by offering newest slots like Secrets of the Phoenix slot and others. To add on, it is known that the major 12 casinos of the state are in opposition of the gambling, which means that they are left with only one option i.e. to permit slot-machine style games in bars and resorts.

More Gambling Ideas

The lobbyists have put forth the option of permitting gambling in airports, satellite sites and other horse-racing betting parlors. With this, it is still unclear that whether the state will be ready to go with the Senate?s proposal or not. Moreover, A House GOP budget plan has suggested that gambling expansion has the ability to resolute $800 million gap in the coming few years. The senate representative mentioned that expansion of gambling has to be done smartly with the right use of right resources. Even with the less budget, it can be modernized and expanded in full swing. For now, it is to be seen that how Pennsylvania will take a leap and change its gambling affairs in the coming years.

Gambling is the method of placing a bet of real money on sports, casinos and slot games. Frequently, you will come across the term ?gambling? in casinos where the people encircle the player to cheer him and watch the game. The casino games are nerve-wracking games such that the player seems worried even in the middle of the game.

iGaming has extended to mobile gambling following all the latest trends, which has achieved great popularity and also is almost as extensive as online gambling at the web casinos.

Players Enjoy Casino Games Anytime and Anyplace All Thanks to Mobile Gambling!

Online casinos are no more restricted to desktops, as they can today be attained practically via any portable device such as your smartphones, iPhones, iPads and tablets, also from your previously used iPods if anyone accesses them anymore.

The point is that you no longer have to be caged in your room all day for the sake of spinning the reels of your favorite online slots such as Secrets of the Phoenix Slot. Although, if you will be outside, taking in the sun rays in the park or on the seashore or in a restaurant and still tracking mega jackpots, all you require to do is capture your phone, move out of the door and mobile casinos will be accompanying everywhere you go.

Mobile Apps to Enjoy Mobile Gambling

Along with it, a few casinos also offer their personal mobile application that permits you to stay updated with all the casino occurrences with the help of their push notifications, making the whole mobile gambling practice much more illustrated and suitable. Whether it is iPhone apps or Android apps, all you need to do is click the download button in the App Store or Google Play Store correspondingly, and you will get started for resuming your expectant rewarding mobile casino session in an even simpler way.

You do not have to be anxious about the decline in the quality of the casino games subsequent to conversion into their respective mobile versions. By means of the advancement of technology, every novel mobile slot is more innovative than the previous one. Latest mobile slots possess astral graphics, brittle audio as well as an entirely effortless-to-use interface that only needs a tap of your finger to get things started. If you are still doubtful, give a shot at mobile slots by NetEnt, Microgaming or Play?n GO, that would not leave you disenchanted. The versions of these mobile slots are deficient in nothing compared to their desktop versions.

Mobile Gambling Supports Slot Games Too!

Online slots are the hottest fashion among the people. They have been greatly developed over the years. There are many web slot sites providing you with many diverse games. There are fruit slots, adventure slots, music-themed slots, and other popular games such as Secrets of the Phoenix Slot. You can also play 7 and 5 wheel bonus slots or standard 3 reel classics.

Casino Bonuses Available for Everyone Who Prefer Mobile Gambling

Earlier, when mobile gambling was an innovation, grasping casino bonuses was absolutely reserved for gaming on desktops and laptops. Nowadays, mobile casino games are no more myths in the gaming world. You can catch thousands of amazing offers, deals, limited bonuses, welcome packages and cash back bonuses, straight from your mobile and utilize them instantly, the exact same method used while playing on your desktop.

Altogether, mobile gambling has sure come a long way ever since it was first established in the world of casinos and is at the present more beneficial than it was several years ago. You must try the games like Secrets of the Phoenix Slot, on your mobile phones quick!

Although the latest films in the Terminator series, have clearly suggested that there is not much scope left in the originating of a new release of the series, many fans will still be disheartened with the recent reports proposing that Paramount, which holds the rights to the series, have considered to drop off at the idea of making a new sequel of the long-running science-fiction franchise.

Nevertheless, the film enthusiasts did not get much time to grasp the news, when Skydance, American Film and Television Production Company located at Paramount Studios in Hollywood, later pursued the reports with the commendation that news of the demise of the Terminator had been rather impulsive. Certainly, the company even went on to mention that a huge declaration is anticipated in concern with the future of the series.

So, as we are tolerantly waiting for The Terminator series to make their mind up for the generation of the sequel, we must look for an alternative to get our course of the franchise in the intervening time.

Movies Rebuilt into TV Series and Online Slots

Also, like many other foremost media possessions, the world of The Terminator has moved out to discover its existence away from the big screen, in apparent companions such as TV (The Sarah Connor Chronicles) as well as vivid novels, to even more improbable places such as the world of online slots like Secrets of the Phoenix Slot.

Though it may not appear as a noticeable fit, the world of online slots is a huge market and many people are entertained by winning real money when playing the web casino games. The websites of casinos are not reluctant to use the charm of major movie characters to attract players, with offering a humungous variety of games like a slot based upon Terminator 2: Judgment Day and other popular games like Secrets of the Phoenix Slot.

The Terminator 2: Judgment Day features a host of descriptions from the film and it even handles to adjust the elements of the plot into its real functions. For instance, the T-1000 symbols are capable of shapeshifting into other symbols for the sake of providing dissimilar outcomes for several players in the slot, exactly the same as presented in the movie.

As stated before, the Terminator series is not the only movie to get featured in the online slots, Jurassic Park and 2011 wedding comedy blockbuster movie, Bridesmaids, also has settled in the slots. These games also have attributes based on the movies along with the video clippings of few scenes from the movies to keep players amused.

Twofold Advantage to Online Casinos

The smashing hit movies encouraged the slot gaming developers to make an online slot for the casino fans. This plan is highly beneficial to the slot developers. The slot games can catch the attention of the people who are big fans of the films but possibly inexpert to the slot world and also concurrently build a new and thrilling practice for existing gamers.

This fashion extends past the movies too, with making a home for the successful game series, such as Game of Thrones, South Park?and Battlestar Galactica, being fitted beside famous icons from the gaming such as Tomb Raider and Hitman and hit games like Secrets of the Phoenix Slot.

So, in case you are uncomplainingly waiting for the likely news on the Terminator series or wishing to hear that Kristen Wiig and others have changed their minds on the possible release for another Bridesmaids film, the implausible world of online slots has much to offer to revisit your favorite movies on the reels and practice other exciting games like Secrets of the Phoenix Slot.

Online gaming leader Playtech has taken a milestone step by opening a huge Live Casino studio in the Latvian capital of Riga. Touted as the largest of its kind in the world, the studio will help feed the fast growing demand for live gaming.

The online gambling industry comprises of many different verticals and they are all very popular even though there are differences in market share. Slots continue to be the leader because they are simple to play and give huge prizes. Games like Secret of the Phoenix slot are also very popular on account of their exciting themes and innovative gameplay.

Live gaming has its dedicated customer base which enjoys the thrill of playing games with an actual dealer at a table, but with the convenience of doing so from the comfort of home. As a matter of fact, this type of gaming is the closest in feel to an actual casino thanks to the human element, and it is popular with people who don?t really like a computer generated gaming experience. At the same time, it offers the comfort and accessibility of online gaming.

The easy availability of better internet connections and that too at relatively low prices means that customers can enjoy live streaming of games without any interruptions. In other words, it owes its growing success to its ability to offer the best of both worlds!

Live Casino Studio in Riga Bosts of State-of-the-Art Studio

Playtech has invested heavily in setting up a technologically superior live casino studio over 8,500 square feet of space. The gaming tables are covered by high-tech cameras and other equipment so that the recording and broadcast quality is the best possible. The facility also has the latest software to ensure seamless and reliable gaming. There are hundreds of tables in all in the studio, with highly trained people to ensure that operations are conducted smoothly. In fact, there is also a training area so that the Live Casino dealers and other employees are the best at the job. The new Live Gaming studio will be able to cover Playtech Live?s Europe operations, while also having a capacity for more clients in the future.

Customised Services at the?Live Casino Studio in Riga

Playtech licensees will be eager to operate out of the company?s newly launched Riga studio because it offers them an unprecedented level of technical and other support. Customers of Playtech will get custom made gaming areas so that they can offer the best possible Live Gaming to their own customers. The entire studio is geared to help licensees offer a superior product, and this will, without a doubt, help them increase their revenues.

Playtech Investing in the Future as Evident by the?Live Casino Studio in Riga

Playtech has been investing a lot of money to develop new technologies that will help it maintain its position as one the biggest gaming companies today. The company?s CEO, Mor Weizer, pointed out that casinos and players stood to benefit from the technological advances in the industry. He also said that Playtech Live was a crucial part of the company?s ONE Omni-channel product through which players can reach all of Playtech?s gaming content without having to open different accounts and wallets.

Interestingly, Playtech already operates live casino studios in other locations. These facilities are located in Belgium, Romania, Spain and also the Philippines. This enables the company to offer live gaming services to a wide range of operators all over the world catering to different markets.

Playtech has clearly positioned itself not just to lead the live gaming segment but also to expand it considerably in the near future. The company will definitely help the industry expand overall, taking its licensees forward along with it while also offering players reliable and thrilling gaming experiences.

The state of New Jersey is one of the few in the United States that allows online gambling. The industry was legalised in 2013 and it has grown by leaps and bounds since then. There was a lot of opposition to the move when it was originally proposed, especially from the state?s ailing land based gambling business, but legislators were able to push the online gambling proposal though.

New Jersey?s land based gambling industry has been struggling to do well over the past decade or so. There are only seven casinos in operation right, down from twelve not too long ago. The state?s gambling hub, Atlantic City, has even been brought almost to the point of bankruptcy thanks to casino revenues shrinking to half of the 2006 levels. As a matter of fact, the city?s iconic gambling establishment, the Trump Taj Mahal shut down late last year because of declining revenues and other reasons. Needless to say, this has the potential to cause immense economic problems because the casino industry is one of the biggest employers in Atlantic City.

There were many concerns that the newly launched online gambling industry would push its ailing online counterpart over the edge by eating into its customer base. However, the biggest reason for the drop in business has been the opening of glitzy casinos just across the border in Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. These casinos are easily accessible from the Garden State, and there is regular traffic across the border of people going to play at these laces.

It hasn?t been entirely smooth sailing for the New Jersey online gambling industry either. Revenues have been far below expectations, perhaps because estimates were unrealistically high in the first place. In fact, some operators have even exited the market because they sensed that it was stagnating. However, the industry has started to pick up during 2016, thanks in no small part to the launch of PokerStars operations in the state early in the year. Lots continue to be very popular with online gamers, with people trying out immensely popular games like Secrets of the Phoenix Slots to see if they can win huge prizes.

According to a reliable study, New Jersey?s online gaming industry expanded by 32% in 2016 and will show a 17% growth in 2017. Even more interestingly, the study indicated that the online gambling business had actually helped its land-based counterpart instead of reducing its profits as is commonly assumed.

Land based casinos tend to be slightly intimidating places to absolute novices who might be afraid of appearing ignorant. As a result, many people who don?t even consider stepping into these places are quite happy to gamble online from the relaxed atmosphere of their homes. However, many of these people eventually visit land based casinos once they feel they have gained enough experience playing the games and will be able to hold their own in the presence of experienced gamblers.

New Jersey operators are also making good use of the fact that land-based and online gambling are integrated. They use their gambling sites to offer hotel discounts and restaurant promotional offers as a means to increase the visitors to their land based casinos. These promotional offers are actually working very well and both the types of casinos are now expecting to grow side by side.

Atlantic City seems to be off to a good start in 2017 as its January figures indicate. There was a 7.7% increase in combined gross gaming revenue in January alone. The state?s online gambling business which earned $18.8 million during January has clearly helped revitalize its land-based counterpart.

The state of Massachusetts has plans to legalise online lottery services this year in a bid to increase the competitiveness of its gambling industry. At present, very few other states in the US offer online lotteries but this is increasingly being seen as a requirement for growth. The online lottery business in the state is currently worth $1 billion but it needs to be available online in order to keep pace with the changing needs of customers.

While Massachusetts Treasurer Deborah Goldberg has said that she plans to introduce legislation to make this happen, the online casino lobby will have no reason to rejoice since the new law will not have any bearing on their legal status. The state has instituted a Special Commission to study the online casino and table games industries but it will not deliver its results until August this year.

Goldberg said that while the state had the maximum Keno sales in the United States, the business had very little potential for growth, the market having reached saturation point. Besides, it was under pressure from daily fantasy sports and the widespread preference to gamble online rather than at land-based establishments. Furthermore, the upcoming launch of two casinos in the state would eat into the market for lotteries.

At present, the only place in the state where one can gamble is the Plainridge Park Casino but it doesn?t have any games apart from slots. This casino has been in operation since June 2015 after a referendum in 2012 made Las Vegas-style gambling legal. Its operators feel that the state shouldn?t aggressively pursue online gambling because it will have a negative effect on the nascent land-based casino industry. Lance George, a senior manager of the casino, said that the legislature would have to proceed cautiously on this issue because many local jobs were at stake.

Voters in the state had voted against permitting another slots casino in the state during a referendum in November. Plainridge Park Casino would certainly consider it a victory considering that it stands opposed to any business that will reduce its revenues. Many voters are opposed to permitting online gambling because they feel that its easy accessibility will lead to gambling addiction and other problems. The state?s Attorney General Maura Healey is firmly against legalizing online gambling and she will certainly do her best to oppose any legislation that is introduced to this effect.

Construction has commenced on the Wynn Boston Harbor resort, a $2.1 billion project located just outside Downtown Boston. The casino will have one of the biggest poker rooms in the country. The MGM Springfield project, worth $1 billion, is scheduled to open next year. There are also casinos in Connecticut and Rhode Island that are expected to take business away from Plainridge Park Casino.

It will take a long time for online gambling to become legal throughout the country since the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 (UIGEA) makes it illegal for financial institutions to allow money transfers to these sites. Till then most Americans will not be able to go online to enjoy games like Return of the Phoenix slots. This is a fabulously entertaining game from Gamesys that gives out good wins and it is very popular in many online casinos. Return of the Phoenix and other slots are available at a large number of gaming sites, most of which do not accept American customers for fear of legal repercussions. It is definitely going to be an uphill task to make casino and table games available online to all Americans, but it might just happen in the future.

Bitcoin has had a very successful year in 2016 and it has unobtrusively become a vital part of the online gambling industry. This digital cash system has been around for a while but online gamblers had a very small choice of sites that accepted it. Last year, however, many gambling sites took the decision to adopt this currency seeing that customers prefer it for its convenience and anonymity.

Some of the biggest names in the online gambling industry such as Bodog and 5dimes have included Bitcoin amongst the different money transfer options available to customers. Interestingly, the highly influential affiliate networks that direct traffic to gambling sites are beginning to take the opinion that Bitcoin is a necessity and not just an option. Affiliates are very enthusiastic about Bitcoin because they experience a lot of problems getting payments using traditional payment systems. Winning Poker Network and Betting Partners are two powerful affiliate networks that have chosen to deal only in Bitcoin. There are indications that will be joining them soon. Drake Affiliates hasn?t restricted its payments to Bitcoins but it gives incentives to make the switch.

Betting Partners had written to its affiliates explaining why it chose to deal exclusively in Bitcoin. For one, payments would be processed within an hour. In addition, while there would be no limit on the amount that could be transferred, the minimum payout amount would be reduced to $10. Finally, there would be no need to provide any personal information to have payments processed.

Calvin Ayre of Bodog, another prominent voice in the industry said that Bitcoin would be omnipresent in the industry by the time 2017 was done. In a widely distributed and discussed blog post Ayers said that Bitcoin would enable gambling sites to be free of government dictated efforts to block payments to them. Furthermore, Bitcoin would leave gambling regulators with little role to play since the blockchain technology it was based on would ensure that all transactions were transparent, thereby ensuring absolute fairness. Ayers also suggested, not entirely jokingly, that operators would do well to store their money as Bitcoins because this currency has become a good investment alternative to gold.

The UK Gambling Commission has given its go-ahead for licensees to include Bitcoin amongst their payment options. However, it does have a requirement that operators would not enable the use of Bitcoin for money laundering. The endorsement from the UKGK has resulted in many sites getting on the Bitcoin bandwagon. It?s clear from the eagerness to adopt Bitcoin that the traditional banking system has put too many obstacles in the path of the fast-growing online gambling industry.

Secrets of the Phoenix Slot has Many Takers

Players looking for a thrilling new slot game that they can play for long without getting bored should check out Secrets of the Phoenix slot game. Gamesys seems to have gone all out to design a game that is exciting and fast paced while being extremely eye-catching. Inspired by the mysterious civilizations in South America, the game has fabulous graphics and gameplay. The game is quite different from the usual slot games.

It has 5 reels, each of which has positions for 3 symbols. There are also 25 fixed pay lines. The symbols on the game are stunningly beautiful and players will be eager to see where they land because of the frequent wins that are possible. The size of the prize depends on the amount wagered, and since the 25 pay lines are fixed the game can be quite costly (but rewarding). The game is available at a very wide range of casinos that have tie-ups with Gamesys.

People sign up at any online casino to enjoy the various slots, video poker and other table games. The collection of the casino games is just endless with the big casinos also offering a variety of parlor games, arcade and casual games. Yes, the casual games are the sweet nectar without which your casino gaming experience will remain incomplete. These games are altogether different from the other existing categories.

Rules to Play and Enjoy Casual Games

When you play slot games, you will see that the rules are very simple and are easily understood. Even in blackjack, your only aim is to reach 21 or lesser points. On the other hand, casual games do not have any set rules for the players. The only motive of casual games is to entertain the players without keeping any restrictions of the rules and regulations.

While talking about the most popular casual games, Six Shooter leaves every other game behind. In this game, players can expect to win $30, which is a very small amount when compared with the slot games like Secrets of the Phoenix Slot. It simply means that people do not play the casual games to earn big or to hit the giant jackpots but to enjoy and have fun. Yes, it can be said that casual games mean pure fun and nothing else.

Casual Games and Online Mobile Casinos

People prefer playing casual games on mobile casinos due to their easy accessibility. The mobile casinos are the best for the players who do not want to try those several layers of the game but only want to play for few minutes. The swipe and tap method of mobile makes it easier for the players to play at any time and from anywhere.

Casual games are very quick whether you are playing those birthday party games or the adult ones. These games are just ideal for short gaming interlude. You are sure to love those colored gems in Germinator while the Foamy Fortune is sure to keep your interest intact. Each and every game is full of delight, fun and thrill.

About Graphics and Animation of Casual Games

If you think that the casual games are not that interesting as the slot games then think twice. Casual games have the best of graphics, animations and sound effects. These games might seem to you childlike but you still need to over 18 years of age to play them. Every single game is built with perfect graphics and using the latest technology.

In addition to this, psychologists have made it clear that when a player goes into the ?flow state?, it develops the thrill of the casino games. It further elevates the potential of the players to make the perfect decisions. In fact, they have come out with certain activities to be performed by the players before starting with the online casino gaming. They suggest that players must recharge themselves after a long gaming session so that they can start with the new games in a totally refreshed manner. However, this applies to all the other kinds of casino games and not just the casual games.

The Bottom Line

Therefore, you are sure to have a unique experience while playing the widest range of casual games. For this, you just need to sign up at an authentic casino and the one that offers the highest variety of casual games. Make sure the casino is legalized and have a long list of sufficed players. Once you have signed up at such casino, you can enjoy your favorite casual games and have maximum fun.

In the year 2005, the UK legalised online gambling. It was in 2007 when the UK Gambling Commission gave license to the first casino and today, the number of such casinos has increased a lot. Since the online casinos have been advertising a lot and offering attractive bonuses to the players, the interest of the people in casino gaming around the world has increased. Out of all, the most captivating offers and maximum benefits are offered by the UK online casinos.

Discussed below are some of the benefits of playing at the UK casinos.

Advantages of Playing at UK Online Casinos

Better Rewards

The foremost benefit of playing at a UK online casino is that they offer better rewards. Whether you are playing Gonzo?s Quest, Secrets of the Phoenix or Dracula slot, you are sure to get good rewards. It is true that the land based casinos first started with the rewards program entitling players to get free rooms, food, tickets of local events etc. however, online casinos in UK have also started attracting players with welcome bonus, free spins and others. These online ones offer various betting options and players can wager according to their pocket. There is no restriction on wagering. They offer higher and better rewards because they operate very inexpensively.

Better Variety of Games

Without a doubt, the UK online casinos offers the widest range of games. Whether you wish to play video slot games or table games including baccarat, roulette and craps, you will get everything. Many UK online casinos also offer Bingo and Lotto. The best ones have a record of offering more than 500 real money casino games. In addition to this, the most popular casinos continue to introduce newest of the new slots every month to keep the interest of the players intact.

Better Access

With the people becoming more tech-savvy, online casinos have started offering their mobile versions. People today prefer playing their favorite slots on their mobile due to the fact that the games are easily accessible. The access to these slot games is easy and convenient through mobile. In fact, players can also enjoy playing with live dealers and take the maximum benefit of different bonuses offered. Today, there are number of casinos in the UK that offer real live dealers round the clock.

Better Payout Percentage

The payout percentages depend upon the place you live. For instance, the European roulette offers much better payout percentage when compared to the American Roulette. The moment when you sign up at a casino, you have the option to choose the variant you want. Moving onto another reason to play at UK online casino is the low betting limits. This percentage also depends upon the game and the particular casino at which you are playing.

Before becoming a member of any one casino, you must keep certain factors in mind. First, the casino must be licensed and should have years of experience in the casino industry. It should have clear past records for which you can read the testimonials of it. The bonuses & promotional offers must be great and the variety of the games should be the highest. In addition to this, it is always better to sign up at the casino that offers 24/7 customer support service so that you are able to contact the team to get your gaming related queries resolved.

So, it is time for you to sign up at a UK online casino, try different games and earn cash!

Perhaps Genting Casino never leaves a chance to captivate the attention of more and more players. This time, it has come up with a very interesting slot called Black Widow slot. It is known that this game has five reels and 40 pay lines, which means you have enough chances to win. Created by IGT, this slot is sure to become a heartthrob among millions.

The Fascinating Theme of Black Widow Slot

The Black Widow slot is based on a crime thriller TV series.

As the name suggests, the main character is the black widow and the entire game revolves around her. The fascinating part is that the game is adorned with the spider webs that make it look more mysterious and thrilling. However, you will hardly see any spiders in the slot. While talking about the background of the slot, it is simply fantastic. You will see a nice background of brown floral design, which looks superb.

When it comes to the symbols of the game, Black Widow includes the main symbol of black widow and other male victims. The slot also contains the symbols of Ace, King, Queen, Jack, and 10 cards. The wild symbol is the black widow logo and is the highest paying of all. Like other slots, the wild symbols substitute for all the other symbols here also.

The Additional Features

The most interesting feature of this slot is the super stacks feature. You must know that you will see a stack of symbols on the reels right at the time starting each spin. However, in order to create payouts, these stack symbols will be converted into the same symbols as others. In addition to this, the web capture feature in this slot is the highest paying feature.

For instance, if you will capture any female symbol on the third reel then you will be awarded for the value of 3 meters for that particular spin. In fact, the prize can also go higher up to 13 increases per meter per bonus. Moreover, the total value can go as high as up to 1000 times of the total bet that you have triggered.

It is very important to know that all these features are very tricky and challenging but yes, they pay out handsomely.

Thus, you must have a knack of it all.

The Free Spins Bonus Feature

Black Widow slot has free spins bonus that will appear only on 2, 3 and 4 reels. The players who wish to trigger this bonus round must ensure that the bonus symbols are present all the 3 reels. The moment you trigger this free spins bonus round, you will be awarded with 7 free spins right away. Yes, you can always re-trigger three spins during this mode. However, you will be allowed only 98 spins maximum.

When it comes to the betting limits, it ranges up to 1.00 per line to 50.00 per line maximum. The minimum is 40.00, which is appropriate for the ones who wish to stake medium. For the ones who are ready to bet the maximum then they can go for 50.00 on all 40 fixed lines.

The Bottom Line

It would be appropriate to say that the Black Widow slot is a game that can keep your interest intact throughout. However, you are advised to go through the rules of the game and its pay table before starting with the game. Make sure that you sign up only at an authentic website in order to prevent any kind of hassles later. So, it is the time to enjoy Black Widow slot and make millions.