Online Casino Player Wins a Whopping Jackpot Worth $99,000 Playing Caribbean Gold Slot! Is Secrets of the Phoenix Slot Capable of Making You a Millionaire? Let?s Find Out!

We have already become acquainted with the online casino slot players gaining humongous jackpots. Although, normally, when there is a huge five, six or seven-digit win, it is related to a progressive jackpot that has been gathering the amount for some time. This was not the situation with a Liberty Slots player who chose to attempt his chance on the WGS Caribbean Gold slot and concluded with spinning $150 into $99,000 while playing the game.

The Winning Casino Game – Caribbean Gold Slot

The winner Harold S. stated that he was searching for doing something in his spare time on Saturday night. He found himself to be submitting $50 at Liberty Slots to gamble at a few slots, revealing he admired this specific casino as it grants few games that are not on the slot list of numerous other casino operators. Caribbean Gold is among the games that are provided at the respective casino. The novel slot by WGS displays the popular pirate theme, with players commencing a treasure chase across various Caribbean islands, seeking to expose the secluded riches.

Splendid winning streak At the beginning, things did not turn out well for Harold, as he dissipated his first deposit of $50 and another deposit afterward. It was on his third deposit of $50 that his fortune began to change, though he had no clue just how much would he gain.

Things began to work out when Harold eventually handled to achieve an important win, betting his $50 deposit into a $600 sum. At this instant, he resolved that it would be a fine plan to certainly go for it and thus incremented his wagers. He could barely think what was about to take place.

Harold went on a roll of his life, with huge strikes coming one after the other, regularly increasing his balance. After two hours, he had won $75,000, incrementing his initial deposit by a wondrous 1,500x.

At this instant, he resolved to take a break and take rest for some time, as he was not finished with it yet. The fortunate winner came back for playing more on Sunday afternoon and his winning streak persisted. He supplemented another $24,000 to his sum, determined to finish things with $99,000 in his Liberty Slots account.

Accounts similar to these do not occur frequently, however, that is what makes it more exciting when they actually happen. People at Liberty Slots were evenly thrilled about the win, asserting that Caribbean Gold is a much-admired slot amid the online casino slot players.

As a matter of fact, to commemorate this exclusive win, the casino is offering $10 to all new players, and you can utilize the money to bet on Caribbean Gold or other game of your preference. All you require to do is utilise the code LSCGFREE10 when signing in the account of the casino.

We have heard of the jackpot reports before as well. However, as mentioned above, it is infrequent that they are gained from a progressive jackpot. Obviously, it is excellent news for the winner who, in a conventional manner has decided to stay undisclosed. This story goes to present that the huge wins do not always come from the chief or most admired online casinos.

Sometimes, huge wins are also gained by playing at mediocre casinos and on slot games that are not the top games among the slot category available worldwide. It is always important to search for a casino or a game of your choice, or which complements with your playing style, for who knows, it may benefit as it did to Harold.

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