Lucky Liberty Slots Online Casino Player Scoops Up $20,000 On 3c Bet! Was it on Secrets of the Phoenix Slot?

Kim D, a resident of Pennsylvania, got the surprise of her life when she won a $20,000 jackpot when playing at a tournament at Liberty Slots online casino. What?s even more amazing is that she won the huge prize on a tiny wager amounting to 3 cents!

Kim’s Winning Streak at?Liberty Slots Online Casino

Kim is a regular at the Liberty Slots online casino and she frequently takes part in daily slots tournaments organized by it. She said that she really enjoys playing in the tournaments and comes back every day to have a bit of fun. She said that the tournaments offered excellent gaming for the 30 minutes or so they lasted. Players get $100 worth credits to start playing and they generally win a few dollars which they can utilise to keep playing at the casino once the tournament is over.

This time, Kim won $2 in the daily tournament and once it was over she decided to continue playing at the casino. She thought she would give a the single-player game a try and bet 3c on 7x Lucky Sevens slot game which is one of the newest games featured on the casino at present. This is an immensely popular 3-reel slot game due to its jackpot that pays out any time before it touches $25 000. 7x Lucky Sevens has been designed to give out attractive payouts even though it looks like an old fashioned slot game. It also has Wilds that offer a multiplier that can go up to 49 times.

Kim was definitely having a lucky day, because her $2 win was followed by another won amounting to $19,429.51. This is because she was the last player to press spin just before the jackpot was about to pay out. In fact, she had started playing a single-player game at 25c per spin. However, she decided to move to a more affordable game just so that she could keep playing for longer. She chose 7x Lucky Sevens because it was the newest one in the casino and also because it accepted very small wagers. She went so far as to read reviews about the game, and was convinced that it was a reliable and enjoyable game to try out. She eventually opted to bet 3c per spin and was absolutely shocked when she won!

The Deserving Jackpot Winner

The jackpot couldn?t have gone to a more deserving person. Kim?s spouse had recently passed away, and she was almost about to lose her home on account of a mistake in her late husband?s life insurance policy causing it to have lapsed a few years previously. The first thing she intends to do is pay off any outstanding amounts on her home so that her family go about building a life once again. The mother of two is really glad that she took the time to play the 7x Lucky Sevens slot game using the tiny win from the tournament.

The 7x Lucky Sevens jackpot resets immediately after a win and it starts climbing up all over again thanks to all the players who wager money on it. Now that Kim has won the jackpot there has been a rush to try out the game. Even so, it will take a couple of weeks at the very least before it changes another person?s life.

When asked why she chose to play at Liberty Slots online casino, Kim promptly answered that the site?s customer service was exceptionally good. She also liked the fact that the site was a reliable one. It is safe to say that Kim will continue to gamble at online casinos simply because she enjoys it tremendously and not because she hopes to win money.

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