ELK Releases Ivanhoe Slot – Let?s Play and Find Out if its Like Secrets of the Phoenix Slot

ELK, the developer of the game, has released its recent online slot and it is one that is strongly rooted in the globe of primitive knights, clashes as well as spins. The fresh slot title called Ivanhoe merges traditional and advanced, displaying the standard 3 reel structure of slot machines and fresh graphics.

It would not be primitive if there was not an expedition of some sort entangled. Initially, a chainmail vista receives players with a banner indicating a welcome and Richard the Lionheart, who attends players; spins, the spins are sufficient to restore him to the throne if the players win. The spins provide the slot game with an essential feature of growing gameplay or aggregate victory.

The Features of Ivanhoe Slot

The Ivanhoe slot game has 3 reels and 17 pay lines, and it contains free spins, bonus levels, and prize multipliers to assist promising players to finish their mission. The game displays numerous classic and admired fruit machine elements such as lemons, cherries, melons and lucky 7s, but merges them with figures like heraldic streamers and crowns in complementing with the prevailing theme of the slot.

Free Spins Feature

Perhaps, the central appeal of Ivanhoe will be its bonus game attribute. Taking place over five dissimilar levels, the searching player is needed to emerge out of the coin threshold for each level to enter the next level. And by regularly entering next levels, players are capable of carrying over free spins they have accumulated.

It is activated by landing 3 Ivanhoe bonus symbols on an active pay line, you will be granted with five free spins in the beginning but each Ivanhoe symbol landing in this round will offer an additional spin. During this round, the crown turns into a wild symbol.

Every win during your spin will supplement to a complete coin win and allow you to go through stages and gain more spins. The stages are Ambush, The Joust Part One, Robin?s Rescue, The Joust Part Two and Return of the King.

Major Aspects of Ivanhoe Slot

The major elements of this slot game are volatility and variance. ELK has undeniably pursued recent styles in the casino industry and has placed its focus strongly on playability. Building the gameplay to feel similar to a hunt is a significantly alluring thought, on which it is crafted to offer players with a sense of accomplishment external to the chance of winning using spins as well as bonus games.

What We Thought of Ivanhoe Slot

We have viewed a few slots currently released that are set on the Ancient Egypt theme or possibly imaginary characters. Reasonably, it is rather pleasant to get something extraordinary and we certainly are aware of the myth around Richard the Lionheart. ELK is not inevitably the developer of the top game, however, its slot titles are usually well accepted by the players and other operators, the reality that chief names such as LeoVegas Casino have received the slot game should verify to this fact that the slot games by ELK are well received by everyone.

The skill in this specific slot is the mixture of primitive retro fashion fruit machine features and the fresh gameplay as well as mesmeric elements. Ivanhoe slot is not the most complicated of the slot games, but that must not bother the players. The attributes of the slot game, specifically the aspects such as entering into the hunt as you play, should probably be sufficient to keep you engaged as well as amused. It is a rising style we are coming across these days, and it is wonderful to view that all sorts of developers are grasping it.

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