Changing Gambling and Lottery Policies in Pennsylvania May Affect Games Like Secrets of the Phoenix Slot

Pennsylvania has recently made the news with its decision to permit both its lottery and casinos to go online. It has become the very first state to take such a decision after considering the lucrative opportunities online. The state has a republican-controlled legislature, which is reluctant to go for a broad tax increase. However, it has turned to other alternatives under the democratic governor, Tom Wolf. The state has now thought of expanding its gambling offerings and offer players the newest of the new slots like Secrets of the Phoenix slot.

In the Words of Joe Weinert About Gambling and Lottery Policies

Joe Weinert, the executive vice president of Spectrum Gaming Group, New Jersey-based consultancy recently mentioned in an interview that the lawmakers have put forth a variety of options for gambling expansion. Joe asserted that such options have not been seen anywhere else and are absolutely unique.

When it comes to the new ideas, one such option is to give full permission to the licensed casinos of the state to take control of the online gambling sites. The online casino sites are legal only in New Jersey, Nevada and Delaware. To add on, it was seen that the legislators of Pennsylvania were sure that the new law will pass the amount of $100 million into the operating revenues of state in order to reveal the huge licensing fee being paid by the casinos.

With this, the major concern has been a drop in the state?s lottery after the recession. However, Wolf is all set expand even lottery to online with the gambling. According to the reports of National Conference of State Legislatures, only four states are allowed lottery including Michigan, Kentucky, Illinois and Georgia. It is sure that the state government would need huge help in encouraging lottery and gambling online.

About NJ?s Online Gambling Market and Lottery Policies

New Jersey is the nation known for real traction that took in $18.7 million when it comes to the February sales. According to NCSL, this percentage has gone higher by about 25 and the Michigan lottery has estimated around $60 million in yearly sales. It is true that the stakes are quite higher for Pennsylvania but the state government is suffering a loss of about $3 billion. In addition to this, the state is going to show an increase of 20 percent with Pennsylvanians turning 60 in the next 10 years. This simply means that more stress will be put on funding the programs for the elderly people.

Certainly, the only aim of these casinos is to earn more and more profit by alluring players by offering newest slots like Secrets of the Phoenix slot and others. To add on, it is known that the major 12 casinos of the state are in opposition of the gambling, which means that they are left with only one option i.e. to permit slot-machine style games in bars and resorts.

More Gambling Ideas

The lobbyists have put forth the option of permitting gambling in airports, satellite sites and other horse-racing betting parlors. With this, it is still unclear that whether the state will be ready to go with the Senate?s proposal or not. Moreover, A House GOP budget plan has suggested that gambling expansion has the ability to resolute $800 million gap in the coming few years. The senate representative mentioned that expansion of gambling has to be done smartly with the right use of right resources. Even with the less budget, it can be modernized and expanded in full swing. For now, it is to be seen that how Pennsylvania will take a leap and change its gambling affairs in the coming years.

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